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the main focus of this page, goodies for all
Synths & Generators - Effects - Ableton & Max for Live
Standalone & Misc. - Web-Based/Online - Samples & Stems

an ever-growing multi-format audio mess, comprised of many sorts of samples and presets made by me or collected from an unknown large amount of other sources

certain developers make multiple types of things that
i like so this one's been left as an unordered list
in order to avoid doubling up on links too many times

this one's so eclectic that i don't really know how
i should order it. absolutely down for suggestions
on order and new entries from viz art folks

just links to various socials and
places you can contact or find me


The main reason I wanted to make a page like this
is because I see a lot of artistic types that are
absurdly reluctant to share their "secret sauce."
Frankly, I think that's both scummy and stupid.

While not quite gatekeeping, they're withhholding
info that could really help out people new to this,
perpetuating an unhelpful elitist sort-of mentality
that's upsettingly widespread both online and IRL.
It's also a huge self-burn to imply that your tools
are the only thing that really set your work apart.

The link library is my own small way of giving back,
of trying to bring a greater focus on openness and
mutual growth back into the creative mainstream.

If you appreciated this page, want to say hello,
and/or know something that might make a good entry,
contact me!
Can't promise I'll add anything, though.

You can also donate/tip if you want to show support
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by Dreya D. / Dexadrinn

An ever-growing multi-format audio mess,
comprised of many sorts of samples and
presets made by me or collected from an
unknown large amount of other sources.

Follow or check in on my Twitter for
announcements of new additions + updates.

This is basically a pared-down version of the custom samples folder
that I have been growing for I don't even know how many years; I'd say
since I was 12 (13 years ago since I'm 25 as of writing this!) but I've
lost the vast majority of my first creations, so I honestly don't know.

Unfortunately, I have no clue whatsoever where some of these are taken from.
I admit that this is at least in part due to my own disorganized tendencies.
Some are from YouTube videos, Twitter clips, Twitch streams, and many others.

If a sound was created by someone else, I have tried to credit them in
some regard, usually leaving their name or the song it's taken from
in the file name of the sample, such as I did with handful of guitar
parts from my friend Weston Malone aka humble dot, the snare drums from
Vubobinali and phritz, or even giving them their own folder as with the
numerous sounds sent to me by my elusive friend, Discord user 128#2355.



possibly the most important free synth ever,
Ichiro Toda's take on the Clavia Nord Lead 2

fantastic wavetable synth with audio-rate modulation
free version is barely different than the paid one;
it only limits use of the text-to-wavetable feature
and leaves out some of the presets and wavetables
this one is a must-have, please support Matt Tytel
Databroth makes some cool tips and tricks videos

VCV Rack
eurorack simulator with loads of additional user modules be wary of the dev and avoid supporting him though, he's quite rude and condescending to put it lightly, even to wonderful people like Aria Salvatrice, who ended up leaving the dev community for good over this and the questionable "ethics guidelines" creators are subject to

Exakt Lite
4-operator FM synth with an intuitive interface
alternatively, Oxe FM has 6 operators but a smaller
more "classic" interface. i prefer both over Dexed
b/c that only has sine wave operators to work with
i opt for other VSTs over this but it's still good
if you don't have access to and/or don't care for
Emma Essex's real animal, Native Instruments' FM8,
Image-Line's Sytrus, or Ableton's Operator

Magical 8bit Plug
quick 'n' easy authentic NES/Famicom sound maker
and the second plugin i ever downloaded (i think)
gotta love that sharp stairstepped triangle wave

fantastic emulation of SNES/SFC sample playback that allows for importing of your own sounds or instruments directly from your favorite games by means of an .spc file

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulation FM synth that can import a variety of instrument formats from your favorite games. made by Landon Podbielski aka superjoebob, the creator of Duck Game, who made this plugin for its soundtrack
beware, use 44.1kHz sample rate to avoid detune!

Halley Labs aka
Emma Essex's
VST Plugins
the Comet's Tail Toybox is a wonderful assortment of quirky and character-filled plugins with synths for faux-"analog" FM/PM, hoovers + ambience, hardcore kicks, rave stabs, acid, and more! here's some examples

Quilcom VSTs
amazingly fun, diverse, and unusual array of plugins. vector synthesis, wave concatenators, additive, FM, granular, phase distortion, physical modeling, oh my!
made with Flowstone by Rex Basterfield aka Spogg, who has been making electronic instruments and fx since the 60s!

Xoxos VSTs
some seriously unique albeit sometimes esoteric plugins, give me a similar vibe to Quilcom. there's synths that
aim to emulate the vocal tracts of animals! i quite like pling4, their karplus-strong string synth. don't use the fake "xoxos.net" and only download from plugins4free

AquesTone 2
a Miku-alike vocal synth using the Japanese phoneme set

used to cost money, now free and open source!
3 oscillators per scene with various synth engines

Full Bucket Music
lots of classic instrument and effect emulations, as well as some more original offerings. i like their Korg VC-10 vocoder, Korg Mini Pops-7, and Korg MonoPoly emulations

V4 is a tiny synth with an atypical iFFT-based generator V3 uses a spline-based oscillator because that version was made with less of a size constraint, making it debatable which version is the more powerful one. why not try both? read about this synth's demoscene origins here

Music VSTs
Jerobeam Fenderson's plugins for making music that draws fun lissajous figures on an oscilloscope



Camel Audio
a company acquired by Apple that you probably know for CamelCrusher, a freeware version of their distortion, CamelPhat. they also made a neat rhythmic multi-effect, CamelSpace. none of their stuff is available to purchase anymore, but their Alchemy synth was integrated into Logic, so i've left that one out just to be a lil safer

fast Fourier transform (FFT) multi-effect by Darrel Tam that's capable of some seriously cool spectral stuff;
think Unfiltered Audio's SpecOps if it were from 2006
and sacrificed the whole modular aspect - BACKUP LINK
big ups to Dozius aka cisc for the 64-bit versions!

Valhalla DSP
  • Supermassive - reverb/delay capable of HUGE spaces
  • SpaceModulator - neat flanger doubler sorta thing
  • FreqEcho - the psychedelic combo of a Bode-style frequency shifter inside a delay, like a free Echobode but different and with less features

dblue Glitch 1.3
iconic multi-effect sequencer by Illformed aka dblue
one of the very first vst plugins i ever downloaded
old (but free!) version of what has become Glitch 2
clearly the inspiration for Sugar Bytes' Effectrix

lots of cool effects with no GUI, not that they need one
plenty to explore but i suggest at least checking out his Iron Oxide tape sim, BassKit bass enhancer, and some of the various reverbs, but i implore you to try more

GFM Psypan
interaural time difference (ITD) binaural panner
clean and simple-to-use stereo imaging tool

wild head-related transfer function (HRTF)
binaural spatialization engine panner thing
that lets you move your audio around in "3D"

i really like SPAN, a customizable spectrum analyzer and stereo correlation meter that can display true peak, RMS, EBU R128 (so LU and LUFS), and K-system loudness metering don't even bother with other free loudness meters b/c this one's really just that good. some other cool freeware too, not to mention a great handful of paid VSTs

Chow DSP
ChowTapeModel - a detailed emulation of the Sony TC-260 that has been extended to cover a variety of different tape machines with multiple hysterisis modes
ChowMatrix - infinitely depthy delay w/ modulation, feedback, pitch-shifting, diffusion, and distortion, capable of multi-tap madness and regal reverberance
ChowCentaur - traditional emulation and neural net model of the highly-revered Klon Centaur guitar pedal
ChowPhaser - based on the Schulte Compact Phasing 'A'
Chow VCV - variety of modules for VCV Rack

Captain Credible
creator of carefree audio smashifying plugins.
9th Gate Xtal brings a big stupid smile to my face

a great free autotune plugin that can mix two
independently formant- and/or pitch-shifted outputs

Quilcom VSTs
amazingly fun, diverse, and unusual array of plugins. stereo imaging, vocoders, delay cascades, unison choirs, transient shapers, comb filter resonators, and much more! made with Flowstone by Rex Basterfield aka Spogg, who has been making electronic instruments and fx since the 60s!

Anarchy Effects
weirdness like Spectral Autopan and
the Shepard-tone-esque Corkscrew

Misstortion 2
lovely emulation of Logic's Clip Distortion,
which is/was the go-to for hardstyle kicks
still updated as of 2020; go follow Melissa
and support her other projects

multimode waveshaping distortion

DarkWare VSTs
bonkers synthedit plugins + source files

TDR Nova
great free plugin capable of both regular parametric EQ and dynamic EQ, meaning you can use this for multiband and/or frequency-specific compression if you want

Signalizer by
Janus Thorborg
all-in-one vizualizer with beautiful 3D powered by OpenGL

weird granular delay sorta thing. make sure to use the download links further down the page because the version on github doesn't appear to be the most recent revision (which is 2.0.6 as of writing this)

Togu Audio Line
home of yet more of my first free instruments and fx VSTs
TAL-Dub is a good delay; i find myself more apt to use v3 but i have a friend who swears by v2, so maybe try both TAL-Vocoder is also pretty good for retro vocoder sounds

free EQ by rs_met capable of extremely steep filtering

popular sound super-stretcher as a plugin



Live Enhancement Suite (LES)
huge upgrades for Ableton Live,
especially if you don't have 11

Mutated Texturizer
two M4L devices based off the Clouds eurorack module by Mutable Instruments and its alternate Parasite firmware

lossy codec compression artifact effect along the lines
of Lossy by Goodhertz or BitJuggler by Toneboosters;
it makes stuff sound like a really crusty mp3 or your favorite lyric video or AMV from way back in the day
first shared in this tweet by daywaiter aka Dakota Mar throw them some cash for this if you can afford to

Crank Sinatra's Break Maker
Ableton rack for automatic random chopping of breaks

Ableton Soundgoodizer
some of FL's iconic Maximus presets recreated for Ableton. A and B use only stock effects, C uses Fabfilter Pro-MB

Dada Life VST
Ableton Racks
iconic very-way-more-loud-inator and buildup enhancer recreated for Ableton. the Endless Smile rack is by
Joshua Casper and i think the Sausage Fattener one
is from Cymatics but i honestly am not sure

Astro's aka
Elysian Tunes'
Ableton Instruments
fun and useful Ableton racks. use the page buttons on the left to navigate. there's a dub siren, big distorted kick maker, eurobeat lead, percussion generators, and more

Sevish's Microtuner
M4L Devices

Music M4L
Jerobeam Fenderson's M4L tools for making music that draws fun lissajous figures on an oscilloscope

very clean and official-looking M4L devices. some cost $ but others like mt.Sev, a semi-random arpeggiator-like thing for generative music and improvisation, are free. there's also a few with lite versions, such as the Survey multi-mappable modulator and Gradient preset interpolator

DOOM Compressor
an attempt by GeoffPlaysGuitar to recreate Mick Gordon's custom DOOM Compressor preset for FL Patcher within Live

EQ Abuser
oh my god. it's so gloriously dumb. takes a bit to open b/c it loads a macro-mapped random LFO for every parameter PER BAND (that's 4 LFOs for each band, 32 LFOs in total!) obviously, this chews your cpu like mutha. made by moon


maker of some really great devices. their paid offerings are easily their best, and very fairly priced as well imo. some of them even have feature-reduced lite versions
  • ClipGain - change audio clip gain, transposition, warping, and more, directly from the timeline
  • BiP - bounce-in-place, quick and intuitive resampling. WARNING: the lite version has a bug that immediately triggers recording of a resample upon opening a session containing it. it still works great if you just want to demo it, just don't save and load a session with it unless you wanna be jumpscared by your own track. the full version works great though
  • Panarchy - go beyond your typical level-based panning with four additional panning methods. think of this one as a suped-up GFM Psypan or Goodhertz Panpot
  • DocPhase - a reproduction of DrMS by Mathew Lane, an amazing plugin for spatialization, stereo widening, upmixing, and mid-side, etc at a tenth of the cost
there are also a handful of free devices such as:
  • BadHaas - multiband stereo widener. sums to mono well. highly comparable to AS Width by Sabroi, which is linked in the entry directly below this one
  • Outist/Inist - solution for busses anywhere
  • BlastHard - transparent hard clipper

AS Console allows you to mix using the styles of multiple consoles and preamps. it costs $30, but its great transparent multiband stereo width module, AS Width, is available separately as a free download for those who enter their e-mail. sums to mono perfectly so it's better than the regular ol' Haas effect trick imo

really high quality devices; there's a few different synthesizers, a "blurred" delay, and a sequencer
sadly none of them are free but i'd rather they be
near other M4L devices than in the paid section

Noir Labs

not free but great stuff
  • Chain Shaper - amazing audio-triggered sidechain ducking utilty with multiband capability. affords the tightness and control of midi-triggered sidechain without any of the dummy tracks or extra midi routing
  • Carver - simple but powerful level-preserving transient shaper with adjustable detection & more
  • Volume Buddy - LUFS auto-gain level matching device designed to counter volume bias, train your ears, and help speed up your mixing



Akaizer v2.3
a freeware timestretching tool that's based on a reverse-engineered algorithm from old AKAI samplers - BACKUP LINK

fast & easy sfx generator with parameter locking so you can randomize only the things you want to - BACKUP LINK

like sfxia but different in that it runs both online and standalone and is more strongly based on a tool from 2007 called sfxr (BACKUP LINK), which you've probably heard in an indie or flash game without even knowing - BACKUP LINK

open-source harmonic mixing tool to make DJing easier
not maintained on Windows (even if it says there's an update) but still a good alternative to Mixed In Key

by Hansi Raber
software emulation of old ray-based oscilloscopes
great for getting a new look at your sounds or if
you want to try some Jerobeam Fenderson type stuff
without buying an expensive piece of hardware first

Speakonia v1.3.5
charmingly goofy text-to-speech. not in development any more. registration info is as follows:
  • Name: Unlimited License
  • E-Mail: none@needed.com
  • Registration Code: SPK-174101-172083

a strange but fun little program for making
audio and visuals with small amounts of code,
so a bytebeat demoscene virtual machine

Paul's Extreme
Sound Stretch
iconic sound super-stretcher, also known as Paulstretch
way more parameters than Audacity's built-in version

Sevish's Microtuning Resources
various ways to explore alternative tunings,
including M4L instruments, tuning files, and more

Winamp Community Update Project
WACUP is a revision of a beloved classic media player that many know for its amazing visualizers, AVS and MilkDrop. kept up-to-date by Dr. O, one of the original developers. especially good for people who livestream since it can output info about currently playing music to a text file and its album art to an image file for easy access in OBS or whatever other streaming software you use



Suricrasia Online
Opus Databending
Drum Machine
make drum loops with percussive samples procedurally generated from opus codec glitches first shared by Blackle Mori on its twitter and mastodon

Greggman HTML5 Bytebeat Maker
bytebeat is music made from very small amounts
of code/math. read more about bytebeat here

Wurstcaptures Bytebeat Maker
similar to the other html5 one above but i tried
this one first so it feels right to include it

United Pro Audio Web Groups
an incredibly helpful log containing information
about the latest releases by your favorite groups
good for checking release legitimacy or if updates are out



CyberYoukai's Sample Archive
a sizable amount of classic 90s sample CDs and newer packs. i suggest checking out the stuff from Zero-G, X-Static, Vengeance, Legowelt, Mitomoro, Breakbeat Paradise, and the couple breaks- and jungle-centric packs

Jungle Jungle
from Blu Mar Ten
blu mar ten says "these are not some secret special sounds only available to 'jungle legends'" but they sure are some classic drums, basses, stabs, loops, vox, fx, etc

All The Breaks
Vol. 1, 2, & 3
300 essential classic drum breaks

Halley Labs aka
Emma Essex's
Sample Page
amazing resource for unique sample packs and stems from years-worth of their own discography. they also have some video game samples at the top of this page that i started making this one from! it also has some VSTs n other stuff

Mew's aka
Sample Page
drums, synths, Synth1 patches,
stems for their music, and more

Goodies Page
wasn't sure which category to this in since it's sort of a catch-all like this one; links to great packs that came with classic samplers, stuff you can no longer buy, samples from games, chiptune and LSDj stuff, and more

Astro's aka
Elysian Tunes'
Sample Page
their main sample page has electromagnetic fields, synthesized snares, gabba kicks, eurorack sounds, ROM corruption audio, and more. they also have a page for video game samples that they've extracted

sonitus ludere
assorted sounds of video game consoles and controllers. hits, squeaks, groans, clacks - just over 300 files!
first shared on their twitter

Kathy Kurbstomp's
Sample Pack
her formerly-paid sample packs and also some other stuff

Tracey Brakes'
folder full of great packs, six of them as of may 2021, with more to be added! first shared on her twitter

jk's Kits
the first and second kits shared by Jackson on his twitter

Free Packs
a couple free sample packs as of writing this, their most recent being some percussion they made in serum, which were both shared on their twitter

Free Packs
The Interloper Pack and the Abandoned Data Pack
were both shared on their twitter

cactus flower's
Free Packs
gardening essentials and sample pack 2
were both shared on their twitter

over 1,500 raw analog kicks, weird blips and other "percussion" sounds w/ no fx processing. shared on
their twitter and also available on Bandcamp

Lil Kevo 303
Sample Library V2
includes most samples from their previous libraries
which you can find here

archived page with loads of free sounds

Kingdom Hearts Sparkles Pack
EVERY sparkle sound from EVERY game (as of September 2020), 680 in total! compiled by Emma aka EXSANGUIA

In Love With
A Ghost's
bleeps & bloops
a free pack they posted on their twitter

Devi's Trash
a smattering of soundfonts compiled by Devi McCallion
of Black Dresses and shared on her Twitter
along with some other stuff she likes to use

Sounds Resource
tons of vidya game noises

Ed, Edd, and Eddy Sound Effects

Dragon Ball Z Sound Effects
lots of good lasers and pews n punches

Breakbeat Paradise
breakz, bass, synth, and more

HUGE archive of tapes

Free Stuff
big bunches of free



have you ever wanted to make your own virtual instruments or effects, tools that anyone could load regardless of their DAW? you can without needing to learn how to code! instead, patch together your dream VST using a powerful modular environment along the lines of Reaktor or VCV Rack
demo never expires so try it out for as long as you want!
if you make anything with it, please show me! :)

ABL is the best virtual Roland TB-303 i've ever used

Sonic Charge
home of the first VSTs i ever paid for. they're all amazing and low CPU. Microtonic even has a physical companion in the form of Teenage Engineering's PO-32
also, here's an old mod for Synplant from 2009 called Thorns, made by Johan Brodd aka JoBroMedia

Glitch 2
iconic grid-based multi-effect by Illformed aka dblue
clearly the inspiration for Sugar Bytes' Effectrix

modern takes on retro synths, game consoles like the SNES and Genesis, other audio hardware, and speech synthesis
their emulation efforts are seriously on another level

once you get a feel for the UI, Melodyne is IRL wizard magic when it comes to pitch correction / tuning

2C Audio
Aether is a top-tier algorithmic reverb

Harmor and Vocodex are astounding, even Sytrus still holds its ground as one of the better FM synths despite its age other DAWs' stock tools WISH they were as good as FL's

AAS Chromaphone
super good physical modeling synthesizer from the company that brought you the physical modeling within Ableton Live

Razor by Errorsmith
fantastic additive synth designed to have a subtractive synth layout ala Harmor but very much its own beast.
highly suggest Au5's unlimited partials hack for dramatically improved oscillator resolution

Imagiro's Piano
just $20 for a great felted piano i helped beta test
please go support this amazing indie dev and musician

The Drop has a ton of great filters, some modeled after classics like the MS20 rev 1 and 2, OSCar, JP8, Juno 6, SH2, SH101, Prodigy, and the ever-chaotic EDP Wasp, as well as custom designs like one halfway between Sallen-Key and SVF, and another inspired by the ARP Odyssey mk1. Ableton's glue compressor is a licensed version of The Glue, a take on the SSL bus compressor

Valhalla DSP
really good reverbs, delays, and more

Sound Guru
The Mangle is pretty hard to beat for granular synthesis

classic multiband distortion with a
wide array of different distortion models

easy-to-control acoustic feedback simulator
the single best thing Blue Cat makes imo

Mathew Lane's DrMS
absolutely amazing plugin for spatialization, stereo widening, and mid-side stuff. here's a demo video

KClip and True Dynamics are both great, and though i've not used it, i've heard kind words about True Iron as well

Xfer Records
i know it's everywhere but Serum is too good to leave out, i use LFO Tool sometimes too

Phase Plant and Multipass are great,
at least if you have all the snap-ins

i like Vulf Compressor, a take on the compression
of the Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample's "Vinyl Sim" effect

XLN Audio
i like them for Addictive Drums and Addictive Keys
but RC-20 is also a pretty handy multi-effect

great bread and butter tools. i really like
their EQ, compressor, limiter, and distortion

morph is wild; think vocoder-like combining of signals, but without the individual frequency bands

most probably know them for their mixing tools like Ozone but i come back to VocalSynth and Trash more often

Pulsar Audio
really nice compressors that mimic iconic hardware



generative art synth great for all sorts of neat visuals, easy enough for anyone to use if you're willing to explore
the free version has a watermark and limited framerate, pro version soon! made by Jess Hewitt and Alex Ayars

Zine Maker
fun and charming tool for easily making zines
go follow Nathalie

Shake Art
draw with lines and make them go all wibbly
go follow nokoi

Scribble Studio
animates the pathing of your brush strokes as you draw
made by Default Labs

Adobe Alternatives
things to use instead of subscription-based nonsense

Dither Machine
tool for quickly generating dithered gradients

aP's Dither Brushes
photoshop brushes of common dithering patterns

Maple's Browser Game Boy Camera
web version of the famously horrid Game Boy Camera

Color Blender
blend between two hex colors, allows 1-10 midpoints

Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack
amazing collection of old fonts first released in 2016,
it has since been updated to v2.1 in late october 2020

ProTracker Font
short, fat 8x8 (actually only 5px high) pixel font
from a certain music tracker made for Amiga

Codeface Fonts
font pack intending to beautify your code

Somepx's Fonts
great free pixel fonts

Froyo Tam Fonts
Ferrite Core and Blotter are rad Y2K-inspired fonts
Froyo Tam also has another cool font, Ultra Hi-Gloss,
but it's $40 as of writing this

Fuku Catch
cool modern typeface by Detetiive

Atlas Font
neat cartoony font by Atlas

MGS2 Menu Font
sleek futuristic font from Metal Gear Solid 2

rounded geometric sans serif inspired by art school

Void's Fonts
good free pixel fonts

Mario Fonts
a couple fonts ripped straight from games

Full Archive
every cursor from CursorMania, compiled by rgbmew